In our shop you will find specific equipment for adventure cycling, a repair workshop, and above all the opportunity to try out CERVUS, a model of bicycle designed exclusively by the framebuilder BBLOQUE.

With a Reynolds 631 steel frame and a carefully studied geometry, it’ll be the perfect ally for a simple overnighter but also if you want to ride the whole route and never get off it for hundreds of kilometres.

We also offer a rental and sale service of the best bags for your trip.

Bikepacking is lightness, versatility, carrying only what is necessary and leaving aside all that extra weight that we’d carry in classic panniers to be able to enjoy with less… Believe me that you will, the philosophy is not to carry less weight to go faster, it’s about carrying with us the minimum equipment for maximum enjoyment.

Is it a discipline, a modality, a fashion? For us, the key to bikepacking is the word Culture. An experience that connects you with nature, with values aligned with respect for environment and surroundings, sensitivity towards the socio-cultural diversity in the territory we explore, with that curious look that allows you to open up to the world. In the simplicity and tempo of a bikepacking trip you will find the opportunity to listen to yourself, to get away from your day to day life, to live an adventure from the simplicity and silence.